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To enable sportspeople of all ages to fulfill their potential and maximize their enjoyment.

how it began …

Marcelyn was at a tennis center watching her kids play mini tennis.  Her son came off court after his group lesson and he was quite discouraged. His coach told him that he needed to play more.

Marcelyn was puzzled as her son worked hard, was having fun & progressing quickly. What was it that needed to be worked on and were the coach’s comments meant to motivate him?  He was also playing 5 other sports, how could he fit it in? This led her to ask if there was a better way for the coach to communicate to her son & to her?

Marcelyn had been at enough poolsides, pitchsides and courtsides to realize that most coaches have limited time. Generally they do not have the tools to easily record their comments on a player’s development or provide something that reinforces what they have taught. Nor do they have time to talk at length to all the players & parents.

more focus on progress

Often a player’s results end up as the main focus  - as these get recorded –  rather than their progress. It becomes more about if the player won the match, or the race, rather than how they played. Confusion also emerges when players & parents aren’t sure what is being worked on & how the players are getting on. It is no surprise that many kids are losing interest in some sports at an early age.

What more could coaches provide players & parents? What if there was an easy way for coaches to communicate smaller objectives or goals to players that enabled them

to focus on their progress? What if these coaches could give immediate feedback that stayed with the player? What if parents could view this interaction? Would this increase player enjoyment and motivation?

Coaches, parents, clubs & sports organizations all want to help players develop. There are training & sport systems, but Marcelyn couldn’t find anything that supported development from the grassroots up, that started with the young players and continued alongside them as they developed, regardless of their long term goals. Sport needed a flexible development tool on the front line that was simple for coaches and allowed them to do more for their players with minimal additional effort.

development tool

The breakthrough came when observing the last few minutes of her child’s tennis session. A coach checked his phone as the players did a warm down. Marcelyn could make these last few minutes of sessions more valuable, reaping rich development rewards for all players, parents & coaches alike!

Upside-Brandmark-05-PurpleMarcelyn would create a sport development tool and literally put it in coaches’ hands, integrating it seamlessly into the way they worked. Her son would benefit with timely, ongoing progress feedback & she would benefit by knowing more about what he was working on & how his coach thought he was getting on.

The sport development tool that would help player’s achieve their Upside was born.



They said:  development is only for those serious about the sport

Why? Surely it should be for all no matter what their age or level? When kids go to school, they all get feedback & reports on their progress & development… why not in sport? That’s like saying we shouldn’t look to develop children’s math skills because they don’t plan to become mathematicians.

They said: grassroots should be about fun

Yes, keep the focus on fun AND on the player’s progress.  Help players feel good about their progress, build confidence, increase motivation so they stay in the sport.

They said:  young kids don’t have mobile phones

Well no, especially not the young ones.  But they are always on their parent’s phones… or the family iPad, an iPod touch, or the computer…

They said:  not all junior players, or the adults, are going to become elite athletes

Even those of us who are far from podium standard can benefit from focused development. Establishing what you are working toward and having the right goals helps give a ‘focus’ to training or competitive sessions, enhancing motivation…

They said:  different levels of players need different tools

We’ve built a tool that is flexible & dynamic so it grows with the player regardless of when they start or the path they have chosen. It shows their history of progress and achievement and allows the player’s support team to connect and contribute to the player’s success.



Upside is for elite players & athletes, juniors, kids & adults.  We are the sport development tool that takes player progress to a new level.

We are carving out a new path and Upside is so committed to our mission to transform the way all people are involved in sport development that any sports group in the world can join and use Upside for FREE.