focus on your progress with coach feedback, goals and reports 

  • feedback provides clarity on your progress
  • goals allow you to see what you are focusing on & how you are doing
  • reports summarize your development over a period of time

link event scheduling & calendar

  • all your events are in one calendar – single or multiple clubs
  • your events are automatically added to your calendar
  • you can add match events that are automatically added to your coach’s calendar

enhanced communication

  • you can receive event messages
  • easy for you to message your coaches
  • simple for you to message other players in your club
  • all your communication is in one place

match report

  • you can add performance goals to your match event
  • you can give match performance feedback to your coach(es)
  • keeps a history of match feedback

progress & match feedback is visible by all connected coaches

  • any coach connected to you can view your interim & end of event progress reports
  • any coach connected to you can view your match reports


from a Junior Development Head Coach:

“Through Upside coaches will be providing squad and individual feedback.  Parents and players will be able to see and respond to this…  This is an exciting development to help us communicate better with yourselves and the players.  In testing we have seen player motivation and learning increase through timely and confidence building feedback.”