sports groups

complement all club activities with a tool that helps keep members playing, enjoying, engaging and developing

  • coaches can send one – tap text & audio feedback to players or squads
  • goals can be set for sessions, with current status viewable by players & parents
  • coaches can produce professional player progress reports in minutes

simplify & enhance communication amongst coaches, squads, players, parents & the club

  • coaches can easily message their squads, players, parents & the club
  • players & parents can message coaches & the club at their convenience
  • the club can message coaches, players & parents

players, parents & coaches join your club and manage their own details

  • your club does not need to enter coach, player & parent details
  • coaches, players & parents keep their own details up-to-date
  • your club & coaches can view player & parent information at any time

link event scheduling & calendar

  • quick & easy for coaches and the club to enter & categorize events
  • events are automatically added to coaches’ & players’ calendars
  • the club & specified coaches can see match events entered by players

the club version of Upside is FREE

  • any sports group, anywhere can use the FREE version of Upside
  • the performance version has additional features for all members, for the paying sports group
  • view the features list

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Player Progress Report

Club Version 

Club Player Progress Report

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Player Progress Report

Performance Version

Performance Player Progress Report

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